Farm-scale ethanol fuel production plant

Design Report
The Gildred/Butterfield Fuel Alcohol Plant

Plates - the blueprints

Plate 2: Ethanol Plant (elevations)
Plate 2a
Plate 2b
Plate 1: Ethanol Plant (plan view)
Plate 1a
Plate 1b
Plate 3: Cooker
Plate 3a
Plate 3b
Plate 4: Screw Press
Plate 4a
Plate 4b
Plate 5: Screw Press Details
Plate 5a
Plate 5b
Plate 6: Distillation Columns
Plate 6a
Plate 6b
Plate 8: Flow Diagram
Plate 8a
Plate 8b
Plate 7: Plate Details
Plate 7a
Plate 7b

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