Ming Pao newspaper, 14 April 1999
Ming Pao Daily, Hong Kong, 14 April 1999

ATV World, Inside Story, 21 June 1999
ATV World Hong Kong aired a half-hour prime-time documentary on Journey to Forever on "Inside Story"on 21 June 1999 (re-broadcast on 27 December 1999)

Ming Pao newspaper, 30 April 1999
Ming Pao Daily, Hong Kong, 30 April 1999

Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West, guest speaker, 9 April 1999
Midori as guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West, 9 April 1999

HK Economic Times, 5 July 1999
HK Economic Times, 5 July 1999

South China Morning Post, 20 July 1999
South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, 20 July 1999

The Japan Times, 11 August 1999
The Japan Times, 11 August 1999

Mainichi Daily News, 11 August 1999
Mainichi Daily News, Japan, 11 August 1999

South China Morning Post Sunday Magazine, 21 November 1999
South China Morning Post Sunday Magazine, 21 November 1999

Media publicity

  • South China Morning Post Sunday Magazine, Hong Kong, feature story, 21 November 1999
  • The Japan Times, 11 August 1999
  • Mainichi Daily News, Japan, 11 August 1999
  • South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, lead letter, 20 July 1999
  • Hong Kong Economic Times, 5 July 1999
  • ATV logoATV World, Hong Kong, Inside Story, half-hour prime-time documentary, 21 June 1999;
    -- re-broadcast on 27 December, 1999
  • Radio 3, RTHK, Hong Kong, interview, 1 May 1999
  • Ming Pao newspaper, Hong Kong, News Focus, 30 April 1999
  • Ming Pao newspaper, Hong Kong, lead article, main feature page, 14 April 1999
  • Rotary Club of Hong Kong Island West, guest speaker, 9 April 1999

See Biodiesel in Hong Kong for more press publicity.

What people are saying
about us

"I am REALLY impressed! This is seriously the best web site on these subjects I have ever seen, made all the better because it was put together by somebody who's actually DOING these things and not just reading about them! What a wonderful thing you are doing, Keith... that really made my day to see it. I thought I'd put in a plug for your site on the list, too, especially for those who are homeschooling. Your site is a kid's every dream come true."
-- Lee Flier, Permaculturist, Third World development worker, host of the Homestead mailing list

"Excellent site. Top notch. Skeptics should check out Poultry for small farms. This is the best overview of the subject that I have seen. I will send to the gardening site all those who complain that they don't have enough room to garden. And I especially appreciate the pertinent news reporting with sources attached."
-- Gene GeRue, author of "How To Find Your Ideal Country Home"

"Your website has occupied my attention all day now. Your Journey is very intriguing... I agree with you that 'change is in the air' and I think many people are tired of feeling cynical and hopeless, and are 'hungry' for new leadership and wisdom to, as you say, 'mix the old with the new' and 'fix what we have broken'."
-- Cheryl Long, Senior Editor, "Organic Gardening Magazine"

"Congratulations on your inspiring web site and your phenomenal project! I was fighting back tears as I read over your web site today. Your vision is so powerful that you will have many followers on your journey."
-- Joshua Tickell, Writer -- Photographer

"Try driving from Hong Kong to South Africa while doing development work along the way and you end up driving, well, almost forever. Journey to Forever is awesome and it is the primary inspiration for eVoyage."
-- Joshua Tickell, eVoyage

"Hands down, my pick of the season is Journey to Forever"
-- Spring edition of The Biodiesel Newsletter (6,000 subscribers in 20 countries).

"You have expanded my horizon and the notebook, great start to the day."
-- Heidi Carter, preparing a resource notebook for the 1890 Land-Grant Universities Agroforestry Conference from June 13 to 15, 2000, at Alabama A & M University.

"I very much enjoyed reading your material, and I want to thank you for the trouble you went to to make it available."
-- Bill Hunt

"I had to let you know that we had some wonderful success based on information we obtained from your web site. Keep up the good work..."
-- Dave Margetts, making biodiesel in Ontario, Canada

"It really was a journey to forever
And I for one enjoyed the journey and
I will come back again
For you have made it plain
Re-cycling is what can save our land

"Each of us can do a little something
And your site will inspire and hopefully
Lead others down the path that we are both on
Into a happier world most definitely

"Keep up the good work"

-- Rex Tyler, Cook's Delight, organic grocer and online shop, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK

"Thanks -- you guys are doing a great thing and I want to help to spread the consciousness of alternative energy possibilities."
-- Josh Thayer

"Great job -- keep up the great work."
-- Sal, "Don't Panic -- Eat Organic" -- an organic farmers homepage

"I'm so overwhelmed! I could spend weeks at this site!"
-- Kay Dixon

"I could spend hours reading it! I've bookmarked it for the kids, too!"
-- Tammy in Colorado

"Thanks and praises for an excellent site -- a nexus, or a vortex, where all the basics are covered ... brilliant!"
-- earth sol

"I can only be astonished by you and Keith's dream, direction, and warmness for the people all over the world. I hope I can learn through this journey and help people who are indeed in need of support and care."
-- William, student, Hong Kong

"You are great! I want to know more about your trip. It is a great job. I am a teacher, can our students join the project, such as join the discussion or share the experience?"
-- Chris, teacher, Hong Kong

"I'm not sure why, but I shed tears after reading about your planned journey. I think it is a terribly meaningful thing to do. Please let me know the details of your trip as it progresses. I hope I can be of help in whatever small way."
-- Simon, Hong Kong

"The trip is really very interesting and meaningful. I really want to join the journey!"
-- Virginia, student, Hong Kong

"Journey to Forever is very interesting and meaningful. Especially in Hong Kong, it is rare for people to devote something to the environment and poverty. I deeply appreciate your efforts."
-- Rex, student, Hong Kong

"You should know that I am proud that I have friends like you who are going on such a fulfilling, meaningful and challenging journey."
-- Anna, journalist, Hong Kong

"I really want to join your journey, but I just don't know if it is possible. I am ready to postpone my degree if I can go... the achievement of my long-term dream and my studies, I choose the former."
-- Billy, student, Hong Kong

"You're doing a great thing."
-- Susan, journalist, Hong Kong

"I salute your dedication and devotion for the world and environment."
-- Damar, manager, Hong Kong

"Most of the teachers think this is a worthwhile project. It helps us teach our kids about things outside the classroom and outside Hong Kong, and it also involves environmental protection which is so important nowadays.
"At the same time it helps us let our kids make use of Information Technology, not only in the classroom but even communicating with people at any spot anywhere in the world. I think that will be a very meaningful task in education.
"Most of our kids grew up in a modern city, some of them haven't even seen a live cow. This is a chance for us to open our kids to nature."
-- Au Pak Kuen, Vice-president, Hong Kong Professional Teachers' Union (from Inside Story documentary on Journey to Forever, ATV World, 21 June 1999)

"The most effective way of all to teach kids about what life is like in developing countries is to take them there. That of course is only possible for very small numbers. We've done that before and it was quite remarkable, it really was a life-changing experience.
"If Journey to Forever can somehow bring to life on the Web and make as real as possible what they are seeing as they go on their journey, then that's the next best thing to kids actually being able to go there and see for themselves."
-- John Sayer, Director, Oxfam Hong Kong (from Inside Story documentary on Journey to Forever, ATV World, 21 June 1999)

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