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Trees, soil and water
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Trees for deserts: HDRA
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Trees and forests – resources for schools

See also Trees, soil and water
Farming with trees

Rainforest Information Centre's Children's Rainforest information page - basic FAQ on forest issues gives children all the information they want. Site has huge resources to back up further inquiry. What are rainforests? Why are rainforests important? Why are the rainforests being destroyed? How can rainforests be saved? Good Children's Forest links page. Covers Temperate, Sub-tropical and Tropical rainforests.

Apashira -- painted by David Esquival Amaringo, student, Peru
The Rainforest Alliance site is a good starting point to find resources on rainforest stories, activities, coloring books. Good resources for teachers and for kids. Allies in the Rainforest -- what students and schools can do to help stop the destruction of tropical forests.

Help Save the Rainforests -- links to lots of forest sites for kids, arranged as a Treasure Hunt linked to questions about why rainforests are important to everyone.

"We U'wa people are willing to give our lives to defend Mother Earth from this project [Occidental Petroleum] which will annihilate our culture, destroy nature and upset the world's balance." (Global Response)

Global Response organizes international letter writing campaigns to help local communities prevent many kinds of environmental destruction. Action Bulletins for students and teachers, K-8 grades, free Teachers' Packets.

Amazon Interactive -- games and interactive site about Ecuadorian rainforest. For adults too. Try running a community-based ecotourism project or try your hand at farming.

Animals of the Rainforest by Midlakes Middle School -- brief introduction on rainforests and the threats to them and great information on threatened rainforest animals grouped in classes: amphibians, birds, fish, insects, mammals and reptiles. Good links to other animal pages and great pictures. Theme: "Extinction Is Forever".

Trees, soil and water
In the news
Not in the news
References and resources
Trees for deserts: HDRA
Trees and forests -- resources for schools

Farming with trees

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