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Alex Weir's CD 3rd World online library is a free digital collection of practical How-To Development Information -- "helping the 3rd world to help itself" -- with 4,000 books and manuals in full text online, in html or pdf format.

The collection covers agriculture, Appropriate Technology, construction, building, civil engineering, electrical trades and electronics, fisheries and fish farming, food processing and storage, post-harvest, forestry, health, medicine, metalworking, soil, water, veterinary medicine, animal health, sanitation, woodwork, carpentry, and more. Sourced with permission from US, UK, German, Swiss, UN and other aid programs, NGOs and other bodies worldwide.

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The following 46 books include many classics for backyarders, homesteaders, small farms and tropical development, many of them hard to find, with direct links to the
CD 3rd World online library for free downloading. They are in graphic pdf format, with files from 1 or 2 Mb to 60 Mb.

People's Workbook, by Robert Berold et. al., Environmental and Development Agency, Johannesburg, South Africa. 41.7Mb pdf

Teknologi Kampungan -- A Collection of Indigenous Indonesian Technologies, by Craig Thorburn, 1982, Volunteers in Asia, ISBN 0917704169. 6.4Mb pdf

Village Technology Handbook, Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA), 3rd edition 1988, Vita Publications, ISBN 0866192751, 441 p, 14Mb pdf

Backyard Composting, by Helga Olkowski, Ecology Center, Berkeley, CA, USA, 1975, 21 pages, 8.5Mb pdf

Goodbye to the Flush Toilet: Water-Saving Alternatives to Cesspools, Septic Tanks, and Sewers, by Carol Hupping Stoner, Rodale Press, 1977, ISBN O-87857-1 92-2, 287 p, 24.5Mb pdf

The Homesteader's Handbook for Raising Small Livestock, by Jerome Belanger, 1974, Rodale Press, 255 pages

Practical Poultry Raising, by Kenneth M. French, Appropriate Technologies for Development Manual Number 11, US Peace Corps, 1981, 228 pages, 14.2Mb pdf

The Book of Geese -- A Complete Guide to Raising the Home Flock, by Dave Holderread, 1981, Hen House Publishing, ISBN 0931342023, 59.8Mb pdf

Raising the Home Duck Flock, by Dave Holderread, illustrated by Millie Holderread, 1978, Garden Way, ISBN 0882661698, 18.5Mb pdf

Small Scale Pig Raising, by Dirk van Loon, 1978, 1985, Storey, 273 pages, 19.8Mb pdf

The Backyard Dairy Book, by Len Street and Andrew Singer, Prism Press, UK, 1975, 90 pages, 8.3Mb pdf

Tropical Vegetables, by G.J.A. Terra, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, 168-73, 119 p, 9.5Mb pdf

Stocking Up: How to Preserve the Foods You Grow Naturally, edited by Carol Hupping Stoner, Rodale Press, 1977, ISBN 0-87857- 167- 1, 550 p, 48.7Mb pdf

Walton Two - A Compleat Guide to Aquaculture, by William O. McLarney and John Todd, Backyard Fish Farm Research, the New Alchemy Institute. 44 pages, 4.5Mb pdf

Fields and Pastures in Deserts: A Low Cost Method for Agriculture in Semi-Arid Lands , published by the Management of the Experimental Farm "Wadi Mashash" (Negev Desert), Wiebelsbach, Federal Republic of Germany, 7.3Mb pdf

Tree Crops -- A Permanent Agriculture, by J. Russell Smith, Harcourt-Brace, New York, 1929; Devin-Adair, Connecticut, 1950; Island Press Conservation Classics, 1987, ISBN 0-933289-44-0, 58.8Mb pdf

Forest Farming: Towards a Solution to Problems of World Hunger and Conservation, by J. Sholto Douglas & Robert de J. Hart, Rodale Press, 1978, Practical Action, 1984, ISBN 0946688303, 22Mb pdf

Short Rotation Forestry -- As a Solar Energy Transducer and Storage System, by Geoffrey Stanford, Greenhills Foundation, Conference on Energy and Agriculture, St Louis , Missouri, June 1976, 3.6Mb pdf

Planting Tree Crops, Practical Guide to Dryland Farming, World Neighbors, 39 pages, 3.7Mb pdf

Bamboo as a Building Material, by P.A. McClure, Office of International AFfairs, US Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1953, 58 pages, 16.1Mb pdf

A Series of Articles on the Use of Bamboo in Building Construction, collected by Dr. Jules J.A. Janssen, TOOL Foundation, the Netherlands, 1987, 165 pages, 18.7Mb pdf

Two Ears of Corn, by Roland Bunch, 1982, World Neighbors, 263 pages, 30Mb pdf

Tools for Agriculture: A guide to appropriate equipment for smallholder farmers, by Ian Carruthers and Marc Rodriguez, 4th edition 1992, Practical Action, ISBN 185339100X, 270 pages, 24.9Mb pdf

Old Farm Tools and Machinery, by Percy W. Blandford, 1976, David & Charles, 191 p, 11.9Mb pdf

The Modern Blacksmith, by Alexander G. Weygers, 1974, Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, 97 pages, 2.7Mb pdf

Practical Blacksmithing, compiled and edited by M. T. Richardson, four volumes in one, originally published in separate volumes in 1889,1890, and 1891, Weathervane Books, 1978, 1116 p, 51.7Mb pdf

How to Make Tools, by Per Christiansen and Bernard Zubrowski, Peace Corps, 1980, 3.8Mb pdf

Horse Drawn Farm Implements, Part II: Preparing the Soil, compiled by John Thompson, 1979 -- Containing a selection of engravings and contemporary descriptions of cultivators, horse-hoes, rollers and harrows, reproduced from 19th Century agricultural books and manufacturers catalogues. Part I, Ploughs, Part III, Sowing and Haymaking, Part IV, Harvesting. 7Mb pdf

Animal Traction, Peter R. Watson, Peace Corps, Appropriate Technologies for Development Manual Number M-12, 1981, 244 pages, 9.7Mb pdf

The Design and Manufacture of Animal Drawn Carts, by Ian Barwell and Gordon Hathway of I.T. Transport Ltd (UK), 1986, Practical Action, 120 pages, 12.7Mb pdf

The Draft Horse Primer: A Guide to the Care and Use of Work Horses and Mules, by Maurice Telleen, Rodale Press, 1977, ISBN O-87857-161-2, 397 p, 20.5Mb pdf

The Scythe Book, by David Tresemer, 1981, Reprint 1996, Alan C. Hood, ISBN 0-911469-14-1, 132 pages, 7.1Mb pdf

Small Farm Equipment for Developing Countries -- Proceedings of the International Conference on Small Farm Equipment for Developing Countries: Past Experiences and Future Priorities, 2-8 September 1985, International Rice Research Institute, Manila, Philippines, 53.7Mb pdf

Oil Extraction, Food Cycle Technology Source Book No. 1, Intermediate Technology Development Group, United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), 1987, 5.8Mb pdf

The Haybox -- The Energy Saving Cooker, Low Energy Systems, Ireland, 21 pages, 1Mb pdf

Rice Husk Ash Cement, by Ray Smith, Intermediate Technology Dgvelopment Group (ITDG), 53 pages, 6.2Mb pdf

Handloom Construction, A Practical Guide for the Non-expert, by Joan Koster, Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA), USA, 1979, 169 pages, 11Mb pdf

Fuel from Farms, A Guide to Small-scale Ethanol Production, Solar Energy Research Institute, 1980, US Department of Energy Technical Information Center, 164 pages, 17.2Mb

A Chinese Biogas Manual -- Popularising Technology in the Countryside, edited by Ariane van Buren from the original by the Office of the Leading Group for the Propagation of Marshgas, Sichuan (Szechuan) Province, Peoples' Republic of China, technical editor Leo Pyle, translator Michael Crook, Intermediate Technology Publications, 1979, original publishers: Science Publishing House, 1976, China, ISBN 0 903031 65 5 -- 12.6Mb pdf

Compost, fertilizer, and biogas production from human and farm wastes in the People's Republic of China. Ottawa, IDRC, 1978, ISBN 0-88936-140-l, 94p. Editors Michael G. McGarry and Jill Stainforth, translated by Lee Thim Loi from "A Compilation of Data on the Experience and Sanitary Management of Excreta and Urine in the Village", published by The People's Hygiene Publisher, People's Republic of China. 7.8Mb pdf

Biogas technology in the Third World: a multidisciplinary review, Andrew Barnett, Leo Pyle, S. K. Subramanian, IDRC, Ottawa, Ont., 1978, ISBN O-88936-162-2, 132 p. 14.4Mb pdf

Biogas Systems in lndia, by Robert Jon Lichtman, VITA/COSTED, ISBN O-86619-167-4, 1983, 142pp. 11.7Mb pdf

Biogas and Waste Recycling -- The Philippine Experience, by Felix DI Maramba, Sr., 1978, Liberty Flour Mills, Philippines, 32.3Mb pdf

Biogas plants in animal husbandry -- a practical guide, by Uli Werner, Ulrich Stöhr, Nicolai Hees, GATE/GTZ, 1989, ISBN J-528-02048-2, 157 pp. 17.2Mb pdf

Tubular Plastic Bio-digesters in Tanzania, Viet Nam, Zimbabwe & China, selected & edited by John Furze, 1997/1998/2002, University of Aarhus, Denmark, 257pp. 24.3Mb pdf

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